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So much is wrong here

So much is wrong at Arrow I'm not even sure where to start.

Maybe with pay, which you are stuck with once you get it, because raises are virtually non-existent. And it doesn't stop there, if you are a salaried employee, you are not eligible for bonuses. So, yeah, that's fun.

Moving on, there are no standardized systems. Combine that with lack of documentation on the company's processes that could help new employees learn the ropes, and you have a recipe for disaster.

There is also very little opportunity for development or progress, which is probably one of our greatest shortfalls. Instead of recognizing and developing talent, Arrow lets the best people leave with its lousy practices.

I'm looking for a way out as well, that's for sure.

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You are correct. If you don't negotiate your starting salary then hopefully you are content with making that amount until you are laid off or find employment elsewhere. And don't expect any cost of living increases either.

You can bust your a-- as hard as you'd like, but with unattainable quotas you will still only reach 60-70% of your goal in ECS and you will never see a raise because these numbers are everything to upper management. I am so frustrated working here with the constant layoffs and downsizing. It seems like every 3-6 months we're expected to take on more responsibility without any increase in pay. I think the goal is to just see how tight we can be squeezed before the ship actually sinks.

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