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Get out while you can!

ABB is a company that will literally drive you into the ground. Teamwork is nonexistent and with little to no training you are left to fend on your own while management berates your every move. The long hours that are put in are not worth any monetary gain you incur.

Some of those that are in management are just glorified ‘yes’ men instead of having actual hands on experience and employees are treated as just a number by some of them instead of valued employees. Where is the support that is needed from upper management to keep morale up? As far as I could see, there was very little if any.

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ABB. If you are a dedicated smart healthy person then ABB is really not the place to be. You will either die prematurely, suffer from mental health issues or transform into a vacant robot zombie senior manager. Humans should avoid this company.

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ABB management is stupid in recognizing it's valued employees.. Will never ever suggest to any one

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