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They need an absolute overhaul in management - top to bottom. Stop hiring Aaron’s employees just to fill a position.

Stop hiring Arron’s employees just to immediately fill a position and focus on your tenured an loyal employees for advanced opportunities. Take a good look at your ‘DM’ work force coupled with who’s doing the promoting and why. They just re-promoted someone they demoted over a year ago to fill a management position. This is obviously a ‘quick’ decision and will show it’s ugly head again. The same person mailed hundreds of letters back to the store when they were to be mailed out to houses. If they can’t get the elementary things done correctly, then you know the company is soon to deteriorate.

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No one could’ve said it better. Now that Fadel is the CEO, they are sure to sell. You are

1000+ % correct about all of this. They totally disregard the employee handbook. The culture of the company is self-destructive and they seem to be oblivious or just don’t care. I thought turnovers were an expense to companies that should be avoided when possible. They have no problem with it. Start with the layoffs already!!!

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RAC is filled with scum douchebags of the lowest order. RAC is in a predatory business. If you work there, you can sugar coat all you want but you are essentially working for a firm that is a predator on poor people who don't have good financial management or judgment. Many are Latinos who are illegal and are clueless as to how the system works. Predatory businesses like RAC and pay day loans prey on these people. RAC then fills its corporate ranks with many of the scumbags it hires from the stores who bring their nasty thug-like qualities. They treat other professionals at the corporate office like trash because they're used to that kind of behavior when they worked at the stores and their customers were poor people who didn't know better.

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