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It’s a good thing Whirlpool is a good brand name on the market because other than that I found my position there and those that I had to interact with horrible. It’s a very large corporation in a small town and a huge percentage of the time you run into coworkers before, during and after work. That creates a situation in which you have to create a network of friends within the company to be able to get ahead instead of relying on your skillset.

I found that taking initiative can be frowned upon, especially if permission wasn’t given. I was hired for my skill set and yet wasn’t able to utilize it half of the time. You’re just expected to follow orders, and forget about giving feedback if it doesn’t follow the status quo. Being a self starter didn’t work for this company, at least not the department I was in. Eventually I left for a company that appreciates feedback and initiative.

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Working hard here had Nothing to Do with keeping your job

Each department had to cut so the ones that didn’t really s--- up

Bye bye

Keep the bad dump the smart one so boss looks better

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I had the worst low life manager at Whirlpool. Female.

I would never succeed no matter how hard I worked with her blowing the finance manager.

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You are correct is your feedback. Moverover, if you find yourself to be a highly professional woman, forget about getting ahead or being appreciated. Instead you will be tossed to the curb before you turn 40 years of age. Get experience, then move on to a better life.

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Whaaaaaaaaa. Secret is to just work hard, it’s always recognized

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