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Leadership doesn't appreciate initiative

Foot Locker desperately needs some new and younger leadership. People who are in charge right now don't appreciate innovation and initiative. They're too stuck in the old ways of doing business that might have worked thirty years ago. Fresh ideas are being scoffed at and dismissed without a second thought.

One would hope they'd realize their mistakes with continuouly failing results, but nope. I think I read somewhere that definition of insanity is doing the same thing the exact same way and expect different results. If that is true, Foot Locker leadership fits the definition to a T.

Maybe, just maybe if we try some new things we might see our business pick up. But why bother when layoffs are always an option?

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Okay you are so wrong as well. Sales overall were down mid single digits not 50%. Lol!!!! Turkeys were also given out and those that didn’t take them were given to a local food pantry. The stock price did get killed but has bounced back some as well.

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Think about it. Any company wanting to save money will get rid of the employees that have been there the longest with higher pay! Then divvy up the tasks of those let go to other employees and over-working them. Some to the point of it being impossible to accomplish and leaving the company.

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You are so wrong!! The way of doing things was constantly changing. The layoff was due to sales being down 50% compared to a year ago. The stock dropped drastically also. They even got rid of the turkey voucher in November and the employee;s choice of several gift cards in December and opted to give the employees a company gift card in an effort to boost sales!

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