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Outsourcing is not the solution!

PG&E has been going down for years thanks to its incompetent management and CEO. When will people realize that outsourcing jobs to cheaper countries is not the solution to all of your problems?

Of course, most of this is due to the fact that instead of promoting from within and putting good people who know the company and have been working here for a while in charge, the management keeps bringing in outsiders.

Not to mention, we spend tons of money to hire overpriced ivy league consultants whose vision goes as far as the next quarter.

Enough is enough, PG&E! Listen to your people instead of all the outsiders, or this ship will continue to sink.

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Why not? If you are looking for a cost effective solution, outsourcing is the best solution to go. This article on advantages of outsourcing - will explain you why. If there are some functions which your business cannot complete effectively and/or professionally, you can save money and increase quality by outsourcing.

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Terrible leadership at all levels. Our ratepayers suffer because of them. The global warming fraud and all of the environmental liberal clowns in California are ruining the PG&E energy portfolio. It is too expensive!!!! Not sustainable. But hey, as long as we appease the liberals of the state, and bash trump to make sure we agree with the climate accords. Who cares how much the ratepayers have to pay?!?1

Nuclear was low cost, and safe. But we want high cost, low effective energy sources to SAVE THE WORLD. LOL what a joke company.

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