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Better hope your manager likes you (and you're not a threat to him)

Your manager can make or break your experience at TI. If you get a good one who is secure in his/her knowledge and position, you can go far. However, if you get a manager who sees you as a threat you are pretty much screwed.

I worked at TI for nearly a decade. I maintained impeccable record for nine years, until I got a lousy manager who realized that what my knowledge and experience put his to shame. He did everything he could to ruin my reputation and record. Every chance he got to put something on me, even if it was clearly not my fault, he took. The worst part is, he was related to somebody higher up, so when I went over his head, it promptly came back to bite me in the a--.

There was no chance for me to advance any more, even if I transferred, my record was now a mess. So I decided to cut my losses and leave. I miss TI, I truly enjoyed working there for the first nine years, but I am not sorry I left. Especially now that I know what kind of mess my former manager made once I was gone.

TI lost one of their best employees because they didn't know how to handle a clear case of harassment. Nepotism will be their downfall.

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Heard that there is a new ethics director and harassment/bullying and similar are no more tolerated.
Lot of people left or have been fired due to a certain person in ATD and everybody knows...could this be the time to get rid of? I guess not, as you said nepotism still rules.

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