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Horrible management

I left Pfizer recently, couldn't be happier about it... The management has allowed the bullying culture to blossom in the company to the point I couldn't take it anymore...

Executives turn a blind eye to all the abhorrent behavior exhibited by many lower level managers... Bullying runs rampant... Managers are insulting employees, yell at them all the time, demean them any way they want...

If they think somebody could present a threat to them down the road they'll do anything in their power to drive them out... And they are succeeding, considering nobody is doing anything to penalize them for it...

It's been like that for a while.... If you're in similar situation, don't just walk away, run away... I'm in a ten times better position at my new job... Better pay and normal managers who actually appreciate hard work...

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Yep bullying I got , went to HR no support at all. The things I endured in one department was sheer hell. Unfortunately the department I was in was like being in high school.

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Yep agree and Pfizer Voice Survey is useless...heard through Yammer today they are going to take the survey results more seriously and act on it. Seeing is believing with empty words spoken again.

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I agree. I worked in Emerging Markets and I can completely relate - though it wasn't lower level management doing the bullying. It's not worth your health and mental well-being to be abused by someone who knows fully well there will be repercussions.

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