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Many things need fixing at MetLife

Sooooo many things wrong with MetLife right now...

Working set hours is nice, but open work place not so much. You gotta be very careful how you use your PTO, because it's very limited and it includes both sick days and vacation.

The ranking systems is unfair and politically motivated, and it's very much about who you know, not based on merit. They'll always, and I mean ALWAYS, find an excuse to make sure you don't receive the entire bonus you were entitled to.

Career growth is a joke, non-existent. Favoritism makes sure of that. And don't even get me started on the new strategy that's full of buzzwords and short on substance.

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So true OP

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See here:

"Our Refreshed Enterprise Strategy

"To adapt to a changing world, MetLife is undergoing one of the most dramatic transformations in our history. We are reinventing how we do business so that we can thrive in a variety of environments. Our new corporate enterprise strategy and refreshed brand—adopted in 2016—reflect the modern, customer-focused company we are becoming. As we become a simpler, more nimble company, we remained focused on finding new ways to deliver value for customers and shareholders. We’re listening carefully to customers and using their insights to build new products and services that fit their needs. We're focused on growing our market-leading Group Benefits business in the United States and on growing in key markets internationally. “Digital” and “Simplified” are the key enablers of our new strategy."

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what is the strategy filled with buzzwords?

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