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Fieldcore Merger?

Hearing rumors that all hourly employees will be shoved over to Fieldcore after the first of the year. Hardly any talk of renewables in all that’s going on the last few days, this is all I’ve heard. Anybody got any updates?

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Mike Adams is an Alstom boy, no? That statement is pretty rich coming from him. Lol

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Final salary pension scheme - gone

Bonus -??

Overtime - work you over!

Then fire you when they are low on work using statutory minimum redundancy terms

It's just anlther way for GE to get rid of people on the cheap

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When they shove you over to FieldCore, you will get a big cut in pay, benefits, and no overtime.

You will be working too much, but not being compensated for the sacrifice.

FieldCore is a disaster and 40% of other GE Power group service technicians immediately quit after being fired by GE and being told they could come back under the new conditions.

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Not a rumor.... "If you feel you're working too much, then this company is not right for you!" Right from the FieldCore CEO (former GE Employee), Mike Adams.

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