Thread regarding Dow Chemical Co. layoffs

Hypocrisy is blinding

the company is so big and bloated with upper management it stinks. at the medium/lower levels we are very understaffed in research you can't even walk down the steps without seeing posters that we might all fall and die at any moment if we don't pay attention to every stair tread one at a time...(this poster a presentation to guard your safety because safety is #1). meanwhile the stair treads are falling apart, the carpets are crumpled, door handles are broken, bathroom faucets don't work, anchored shelves fall off walls because there is no support structure behind the facade. preach safety but not practice it on the corporate level other than to tell us we all need to wear big bulky goggles to protect our eyes as we wash our hands in the sink, I am not kidding you that is a rule (one of many)...Can you say 'hypocrite' ? It all just makes me want to run with scissors.

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