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Layoff Humor- Not Funny

A lot of people received their layoff notices as of Nov 1st and days after. For the rest of the Colgate population not affected, please refrain from boasting or giving the list of names during your group meeting while laughing. It's not a joke. Stop hiding in your cubicals laughing they got rid of various people. Or walking pass these folks laughing. Careful, you still have 2 years of GGEP left and you may indeed be on the layoff list.

If you see someone who has been let go, please treat them with some dignity and respect. It breaks my heart to listen to the laughter and snickering. Grow up. The same people you are laughing at may be the very ones you ask to hire you at another company in the future.

The behaviors of so many is disturbing. No one's job is safe.

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Most of the IT manager ( with some exception) are jerks and as* with no human element.

That includes Capt. Chaos. He is the one who brought this culture. He gets all his dirty work via power hungry managers. Good that S*B is finally retiring. Meatball along with little monster ruined ESC-IT.

Greedy bas***. Both should be sent to prison for looting Co. and violating Code of Conduct.Both were morons with no IT degree or background. This backstabbing culture comes from them.

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Wow.... who ever wrote this blog is definitely telling the truth. A few managers in my department are happy to get rid of some individuals in this layoff. They laugh and gossip. This makes me sick to my stomach. Colgate has become a very cold back stabbing organization. The folks they got rid of were smart and worked very hard. Didn't make much sense at first. But when I see these classless management behaviors, you can't start to imagine some of these layoffs were deliberate and personal.

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