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Moral Compass is Broken

Once upon a time, Colgate was a better place. Remember, it was never perfect but people cared. This layoff was cold and heartless. People were disrespect and demoralized. Thank you to the many people supporting the folks being let go. You have no idea what it means to them. In my department, the managers walk around in silence and snickering. Ignoring the people they are letting go. Don't even have the simple decency to say hello. In the back drop, already filling in the new position with the same work but different title. Trying to keep their mouths shut but can't help themselves to makes their actions obvious to the rest of us. In short, people see and will remember. To those being let go. You are free from the chaos, hate and vengeance. I pray that each of you excel and never look back. Colgate lost a great deal of talent and it shows and will always show in the products.

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