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Attrition will remove the need for layoffs

They probably won't need to do any more layoffs in the Chicago office anymore -- at least not after today's "Annual Enrollment Benefits" presentation. Attrition will probably take care of any head-count reductions they need...

They are changing the Medical Provider network to essentially ONLY include a subset of the Rush and Advocate networks. All other providers are no longer covered. This change ONLY applies to the Chicago location. Other SG locations keep their same network.

The result?

Now in the entire city of Chicago, only 5 hospitals are in-network. One of which is a substance abuse half-way-house in Uptown. Two are in extremely ghetto/dangerous/low-income neighbors -- one west of Midway airport, and the other on the extreme south-side of Chicago. The other two are the Rush and Advocate hospitals.

Need an urgent-care facility? Good luck. There are 3 in the city of Chicago that are in-network. Two of which are in extremely dangerous low-income neighborhoods, and one is on the north side in a little strip-mall.

God help you if you need some kind of urgent care or emergency care in-network during rush-hour. Could be a loooong cab ride to an in-network facility! This city has world-class medical facilities, but our medical plan now excludes those providers. Shameful.

It's one thing to cause a little bit of head aches for a small subset of employees to have to change doctors because of minor tweaks to a network of doctors. But this is something completely different... It is basically forcing everyone into a very small pool of doctors -- and not even close to the best doctors available in Chicago.

Excellent post by @QazXJlu-7adp in an older Scientific Games thread, needed to be bumped up.

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Can you blame them for wanting to close Chicago? It took them 4 years to get the Simpsons game out the door! Spending all that money on 3rd party IP and what do we have to show for it?

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Um, they aren't spending money anywhere...

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It's funny you say that because here in Vegas we keep thinking they want to get rid of us! Just because the HQ is here doesn't mean they're spending any money here.

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They want to close the Chicago office. We've always been a thorn in Bally's side. The change doesn't help young healthy employees, just the ones who traditionally had PPO plans.

If it wasn't so blatant a move, it would be funny. But we know where we stand now, and can get ready for when it happens. They are looking to split off interactive, and when the finish that, we're gone.

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Because of the angry blowback, Thursday they sent out information on a replacement solution to the 2018 insurance.While still no PPO option, the Critical Care option opened up the network to a larger selection. Most of my current doctors returned to being in network. Let’s hope others have the same fortune or there will be attrition.

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