Thread regarding Fluor Corp. layoffs

treat your employees better, fluor

i really wish fluor would realize people working here are their greatest assets and start treating us as such...

right now employees are by far the last on the list of things the company cares about... we are constantly undervalued by current management... starting pay we receive is well below industry average (it gets better but it takes a while)...

people are hired and fired all the time... they don't care about having good employees, just robots needed to finish the task, i guess...

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Fluor is a cast system with the executive management as royalty and the remainder of employees as servants. Worst corporation I have every worked which does not value intellect of its engineering staff. I am relieved to be part of the recent layoff or so called reduction in force. I will never work for another EPC such as Fluor. Sadly, Fluor use to be a very good company to work for - so I am told.

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