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How are enrollment reps evaluated?

How are enrollment reps evaluated these days? Do you have to make numbers?

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You have to give students A's or you will not get any classes. Since the degree is not that valuable in the real world, does it really matter? I get the maximum number of classes every time and pass almost everybody with an A. It pays.

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Admish reps have to make number. What do you think this is? You don't make number you gone. Unless you belong to an HR protected class: Female, over 40, black - jackpot. Can't touch 'em so no pressure for them. The rest of the slobs: Make number or else.

And Camden? They no longer are stupid enough to tie bonuses to making number. A percentage of your pay is linked to you meeting "goals" that are written such that you need to make number AND those s---ers you lured to this hellhole stay at least 2 quarters. Now you want these "students" to stay around for at least that or up to a quarter of your pay is gone. Make sure to put the student into 4 super easy classes with CTU compliant instructors who know the game and play it well. Now you have a hope in hell of making the full measly 35K rather than just 26K.

But, and here is the but: All schools are under pressure to enroll enough students or to raise their rankings by having more students apply year over year like Northeastern does. From IHE: "[Northeastern University] also has made an all-out effort to increase the number of applicants for admission, dispatching its 30-person recruiting staff across the country and sending hundreds of thousands of personalized letters and emails to high-school students. It persuaded more than 44,000 students to apply for one of the 2,800 spots in its fall 2012 freshman class—up from about 30,000 in 2007—a move that boosted the school's selectivity, illustrating a growing trend in college marketing.... Northeastern's recruiters are hitting 1,350 high schools this year, up 30% in five years... Buying names from databases, Northeastern sends personalized introductory letters to nearly 200,000 high-school students, following up with six to eight emails over several weeks, says Jane Brown, Northeastern's vice president of enrollment."

The result?

"In the past six years, Northeastern University has vaulted 42 spots in the powerful U.S. News & World Report college rankings."

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I can tell who is VA because after day 1, hour 1 of the class where they post some lame POS they disappear for 2 weeks, then post another POS and then disappear altogether.

I'm REQUIRED to email these losers and offer up due date extensions, rewrites (if and only if the POS they posted gets anything less than a B and this is CTU, I would NEVER give anything less than a B) and offer time to 'chat live'. I've stopped emailing all but my most promising students and aha! Despite downright threatening emails from Leads I'm still getting classes. Looks like CTU is struggling to get enough temps to teach for this sh!tSh0w. Hah.

Laughing all the way, in a moron led sleigh, off to graduation we go, IQ is at an all time low. Tassels on caps they sway, graduation pictures are so g--, mom and dad they pray, that Johnny makes good pay. Ohhh, for-profit scam, for-profit scam, line my pockets now! I need to keep milking this for-profit cow, it's easy money now!

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I had students that did everything on their phone, so it was way below acceptable, but they didn't care.

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We have been taking bottom of the barrel for years now. Come on...

Bottom of Barrel:

1) Can't read at 8th grade

2) Can't write at 8th grade

3) Can't do math at 8th grade

4) Got kicked out of UoP, ITT tech, Zenith, Argosy, Ashford, DeVry, College America, Community College, etc. for GPA or other issues

5) Don't have a GED/HS diploma

6) VA discards

7) Are almost maxed out on what they can borrow from the Fed due to item 4, won't be able to get private loans and won't have enough money to complete degree but we enroll them anyway

8) Homeless

9) Just out of jail and need money

10) Single mom who needs money

11) My favorite? Is computer illiterate, has no access to a computer and is enrolled in the IT program! Sweet baby jesus

Does that pain a picture?

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@QqaCPgf-1lll, can you give an example of "bottom of the barrel"?

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Enrollment seems to be way down and sinking. Adjuncts are getting less and less classes. Doesn't look good for the long term. We are taking the real bottom of the barrel now in students and its showing. I think the ITT/Everest writing is on the wall.........

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