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Age discrimination at Northwestern Mutual

There is definitely some age discrimination going on here. Eighty five percent of the LearnVest employees are in their 20s and 30s, and none were let go. Yet the layoffs continue at NM. Some people are reporting that about 1,400 people have been laid off now. This company should also be required to show how many of these jobs were filled with offshore contractors.

This is true, and it should be actionable. I wonder if anybody is going to try and get action class suit going. People who have been with the company the longest are being shown the door while those who are staying are cheaper young workers who barely know what they need to do. Trading in older for newer. Clear case of ageism, IMHO.

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The company wants to eliminate 10% of NM jobs and use temp staff. They want to pick and choose who goes. Lets see how many are "older" workers 50+. 9.5% ?????

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Not everyone is getting the package. For some of us, they make your life miserable. They victimize you. They force you to retire. If you stay, you get physically sick. The NM health clinic has added an employee assistance counselor because of so much stress. I know of people going to the hospital with chest pains and panic attacks. If they can can you to leave, so much the better for them.

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Most people are getting a severance package, and need to sign an agreement to get the package. I believe that agreement states that the employee will not bring a law suit against the company or executives.

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I agree with everything said. I worked there for over 20 years in management and the comments made about aged employees by their managers and the tactics they used to get rid of them was appalling.

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I wonder why there is no class action lawsuit going on. There has been so much age discrimination at NM.

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NM is not hiring/promoting in any area if you are over 40. They are forcing people out in the 50's.

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Had two interviews for 2 different positions recently, 2 different sets of hiring managers in 2 departments. In each case my highly specialized skills aligned exactly what they were looking for and they commented on what a perfect match I was during phone and tech screens. Each time the hiring process came to a screeching halt at the first in-person interview when it became obvious that I'm in my early fifties. One manager clearly had trouble hiding the disappointment on her face when she first met me.

It really came together last week when at two separate networking events I overheard the same comment from existing NW employees: NW is not hiring IT workers over 40.

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My life was miserable too. I was given double work while my co-workers were on the internet watching videos and on Facebook right out in the open. I couldn't even go for a cup of coffee. Told I took too long. Timed myself and it took eight minutes there and back. So what is the difference between them and me? I'm in my 60's. They are in their 20's and early 30's. Management told me that they were making a list of the people that they wanted to keep and that I should leave. The young people were also given huge variable bonuses. It is affecting both management and non-management staff as others have told me similar situations. They victimize you if you won't leave.

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You hit it on the head, I've been looking for anyone calling their bluff. I retired a year ago after my life was miserable for months. I would love to hear what others have to say.

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In the first big layoff wave early this year, there were about 640 employees laid off. Some of those layoffs occurred last year. About 60 percent of those people were in their 50s and 60s. If you expand that to include people in their 40s, that percentage jumps to 83 percent. While 16 percent were in their 20s and 30s. Yes, there is defiantly something wrong here.

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Any action that an employer takes that adversely affects a disproportionate number of employees over the age of 40 is age discrimination.

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When a position is posted, they are telling the outside contractors that they can apply. NM employees are supposed to be considered first before they go to the outside.

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The company stated that as part of the severance package there would be extensive placement services. So far we are seeing temp staff from Manpower etc. being hired as NM employees. These people are in their 20's and 30's. The NM employees being laid off are applying at Manpower, K Force etc. It is hard to find employment in your 50' and 60's. Something is really wrong here.

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