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crystal river what a joke

currently missed the layoffs right before thanksgiving 2017. about 75 percent did not. this project is run by people with their heads up their asses for sure. its almost if it being ran remotely from corporate with a secret agenda to either fail or prove a point that the job can be built with minimum staff but blame the craft employees for their short comings with dukes high standards. ive personally always had respect for fluor/daniels when I started in this industry. ive never worked for flour until this project and wow what a freaking joke, not to ramble or just make negative comments as all the jobs we go to are "fcked up" but wow this one really takes the cake. its not the craft hands or the job itself, its a decent job but HR, upper management, corporate management, and down to the general foreman level are a joke and full of robotic aholes with their own personal agendas. I will probably never work for this company again. I knew someone out back in August there that even got into a physical fight with one foreman , the welder even called the cops on the supervisor while onsite because after the incident they fired him on the spot instead of doing a proper investigation but they somehow dodged the police and asked them to leave before duke energy supervisors were notified, made witnesses write false statements against the welder. he contacted corporate to file a report and instead of firing the supervisor they PROMOTED him!!! holy crap folks if that doesn't say how this company is ran I don't know what would. this is only one incident out there that was major and I know there has been countless others from what people have told me. they are sneaky, liars, and very unprofessional.

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