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low pay for too much work

office depot expects way too much work for the amount they are willing to pay.

not sure how we got to the point in time where companies believe that people will be so grateful to even have a job they'd be willing to do everything for barely anything in compensation, but that notion needs to die a fiery death.

the types of demanding tasks we are asked to do require better compensation. especially when we have to do them in already stressful environment with little to no guidance.

pay your people better, office depo, or keep suffering from low quality of work due to high turnover.

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Office Depot ......kissing the a-- of business. Then they treat the employees horrible. Work an eight hour shift or even a 10 hour shift and get a 30 min lunch? The registers crash all the time. The store managers treat you like garbage. Then they expect results. Employees are overworked and underpaid. Just today I was cashier, furniture sales, Stocker, tech sales and then I'm told to hurry up with customers. How they have changed.

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I was recently hired into Office Depot and am already a recent ex-employee after 2-weeks. I had one day of computer training in the store manager's office, then basically out to the floor to run the Print Services Counter with no training. Wasn't informed that the supervisor position was considered coverage and was thrown to the wolves to run the print counter by myself with no official training for 2-3 hours a day until the 1st part-time print specialist came in. Oh yeah...30-minutws for a "lunch/meal break" isn't enough time to even go get anyrhing to eat and get back to work Office Depot really needs to work on their scheduling and training, but most of all, be honest about the work requirements when hiring someone!

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