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Am I gonna get my Holiday Barbie this year? That's all I want to know.

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Congrats to you for working for the worst performing toy company on the stock market. The numbers are spectacular. That's definately something to be proud of. Oh and the billion dollar debt deserves a medal of recognition.

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Maybe that’s why your kid will become a future a$$ just like you. Congrats.

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My kid doesn't need a history lesson or a lecture when playing with a toy. Sure as hell doesn't sound like fun.

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You introduce modern social ideas into these toys and expect traditional play? You can control your underlings and what you put on shelves but you cannot control Play or public opinion. Something is definately broken over there. Your future of play appears to be pretty bleak.

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My child specifically asked for Jihad Barbie and the Barbie Jet. She also wants me to make identical cardboard buildings. I wonder what she's gonna play out. Sounds fun, no?

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It's called being body positive. Get with the program.

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Go to their toy store. That's where all the sad un bought toys are picked up by employees. I'm sure there are aisles of FAT Barbies to chose from. The Fat Hijab Barbie is next season. I'm over here waiting for Obesity High Dolls and FatChantimals.

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Absolutely! We just had a shipment of unsold 2016's returned from Big Lots and Goodwill wouldn't take them (gosh darn we could have used that tax credit). Grab one from the pile near the door as it hits you on the arse on your way out after your chat with HR. Happiest of holidays from M-Go, Tricky Dikky and the BoD!

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Read the site rules, personal insults are not allowed here.

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I see several comments have been removed from this thread.

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Right under your termination letter foo.

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