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wipro head shouting loud on bad on quality of teachers - getting it all wrong

wipro head shouting loud on bad on quality of teachers - getting it all wrong - bad profiteering - not paying teachers- high class school with sky high fees paying pittance to teachers

How about manager teaching services mr premzee, let us see how you churn out high quality teacher who are paid pittance and made to work for 14-16 hours a day (like IT guys in India).

High quality company management who can make things in India efficiently rather than importing from china and putting wipro label on them

No one wants your donations - we want your taxes here in India...

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Unable to produce high quality bulbs , importing from china and putting label of weepro... bad quality of management that cant produce world class products...

chinese cant write good english so are japanese but produce top quality products...put big money in research and product development

out Indian wipro talks great english but can produce any good product and keeps talking about teachers....(watch the supremeskills program on NHK world TV japan to know how skills are built they develop skills on shop floor not in school)

teachers give education skills are build in companies that have atleast some focuss on research ....

Zero investment by pasri marwadi business groups on research and product development...

no risk appetite....

if after working for decade in weepro person is labelled unskilled that show how wipro maintains its skilled(read educated) work force....

dont waste valuable tax payers money (the subsidy you get is taxpayers money) on donations to faltu NGO's that give you cheap publicity.

And stop blaming teachers, if you have genuine intentions go out to a village and teach for a decade in government school and show the result...

and take criticism positively and work on skill to become real product development company where even an average guy can become skilled in a short time ... its the environment that is the key ...dont crib

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High quality or just proper usage of the English language would also indicate that this writer needs better schooling too. And this board generally discusses staff reductions and changes within a firm so I have NO IDEA what your post means or is doing on this board.

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