Thread regarding Mattel Inc. layoffs

So, layoffs next week then?

Nothing this week I hear, is it next week now?

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It's happening.

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they would call them back or the coward will delegate it to someone else

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How does a layoff go down if your boss is in Hong Kong?

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I was instructed that my team cannot work from home this week. I wonder why?

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If you’re that desperate to think of ways to run afoul your dismissal then go right ahead. Lot of good that’s gonna do you. California is an “at will” state. You can leave anytime and they can get rid of you anytime. No reason needed. As one poster says: losers.

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Why dont we stop the bitter blame game, and stick to facts. Does anyone actually know if there are going to be layoffs this week or not?

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Your fate is well deserved.

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LOVE the pangender idea, lol. It’s all about preventing the company from getting sued.

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agreed, and don’t feel like you have to open your bags for them either. screw their scooter riding stormtroopers and their military time. they cannot go through your possessions. don’t give them an inch and feel free to tell your direct supervisor to shut their mouths when they start reading their scripts. RENEMBER: They are the ones that offered your head up on a silver platter to stave off their own dismissal.

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If you think your a$$ is on the line, my best advice would be to go into work tomorrow and inform your boss and HR rep that you've decided to openly identify as a new gender, preferably something non descript like Pangender. You can just go about your day confident that HR won't want to touch that with a 100 foot pole.

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I would just add to not sign immediately. You have several days to read it over, think about it, show it to a lawyer, contest parts. By signing you give up a lot of rights to get the severance (that is why the company does it - severance is not guaranteed at companies - they want you to sign it and peacefully move on), so make sure you are happy with it before doing so and take a night or two to think about it. Good luck.

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Sounds like a blast 😊

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you get called to a designated area (conference room, etc) and your direct supervisor has a script. “as you know, blah blah blah” then they shut up and the HR rep explains your exit package which at this point is next to nothing. your supervisor sits there like a silent dummy the whole time uncomfortable. you’re then asked if you have any mattel property that needs to be returned and after you sign the papers for any severance they may offer, you are escorted out.

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How does it go down? Does your boss do it?

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Probably not.

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