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Company direction

How do you think the past 3 CEO's John Gremp, Peter Kinnear and Joseph Netherland feels about the direction of this once great company and the crap these ex GE and Schlumberger managers are doing?


Silly me had once thought I want to make 40 years here :)

Lay me off!!! I want my 13 year severance to move bk home (IN).

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How is McBeth still there or better yet his side kick B. It’s a pony show. It’s who’s a.. you kiss and who you know from GE. Sad for the families that are effected by all f this.

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Sad part I worked at GE for 3 years and let me tell you they have no idea what they are doing other than cutting people and making work life miserable. The fact that GE is cutting 12,000 more employees and selling off parts of the business directly reflects these people ability to manage a business. Sad days ahead for FMC

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"Lay me off!!! I want my 13 year severance" - All I see in your future is continued soul-s---ing employment and a 2% reduction in salary. Perhaps a bronze spotlight at best. No Lay off for you!

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FMC has been taken over by a silent coup of GE employees. 100%. Technip is just bankrolling it.

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How they feel depends on if they've cashed out their stock options.

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