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Absolutely no work/life balance

I know that a lot of people truly enjoy working for Stryker, but it's not a universal experience. I've been here for a little over two years, and I'm trying to find my way out mostly due to how unpredictable schedules can get.

Everybody knows that you can't make enough money if you don't have a large territory, but at the same time, the bigger your territory gets, the harsher it is on your lifestyle.There is no work / life balance after a certain point, it's all about work.

Part of it is probably on me, I should have checked out the business model more before I joined. The company expects a lot from you, and you need to put in hours to achieve the critical goal. Hours that keep growing every week. Some people thrive in these situations, but I actually like spending time with my family.

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i know someone that has worked for them over 10 yrs. regularly works 80pkus hours a week. during holidays she is always on her cell phone or on her work laptop. any job that consumes that much of your life will destroy you mentally and physically. no job is worth cancer and destroying a family. ive seen directors and fellow employees die over the years to make an extra dollar for what? nice house better schooling for your child a nice car. ok then what you die and have no sense of self worth other than the corporate culture trying to move up. but then all of a sudden layoffs. almost every co pany lays people off. dont forget they can replace you with a new college grad who has no idea how bloodthirsty a company is. if they say salary based pay vs hrly...leave now. they will do whatever it takes to increase profits. now with the recent inflation and employees quitting more
faster than ever they will try to keep you. more bonuses and increase. is that be careful of the ones that primarly recruit college students... again say no. more early retirements. more people are fed up.individualism is going away. people are afraid to be themselves adhering to false corporate values and doing whatever they say. appeasement at every turn. every large corporation has a lawsuit against them. they do just enough to conform with society. settle with a few people for millions...thats if they fu d out about defects and health hazards.they are making billions.if something is popular or trending they try to keep recruits. what are we dying for. ive known coworkers that have died due to work stress. why is your company not offering more life skills...improving credit. knowledge about mortgages. parenthood. demographics of the area in the call centers. housing research,schools, financial advice, life balance skills, stress coping skills, larger incentives for fitness. your spending more time at work than with your family or personal growth. solution? read and watch movies,youtube,facebook,etc. not what you think. you will consistently see biased opinions, celebrities and politics on the front page.people that have no idea about the subject they are talking about. all scripted like a movie. but you can learn if you watch closely. put your cell phone down for moment.all to elicit certain responses or emotions. once you wake up you can take control of your own dont have to do business with unscrupulous companies let alone work for one. does being a ceo, mgr, director or millionaire or make you special or smarter? what makes a celebrity any different or better from an infomercial for cleaning carpets?no. but they have special rights. yes they do. should they? my hope is that one day people realize there is no such thing as absolutes, black and white viewpoints. its easy to use analogies and is like a box of chocolates. but its harder to form your own opinion from research and asking more questions. if someone labels you as different or rigid or tense or too serious take that as a compliment. say thank you bc they are the conformists and stagnant

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