Thread regarding Northwestern Mutual layoffs

Incoming 2018 layoffs

I've heard rumors that around 1000 people will be let go in 2018. If that rumor turns out to be true, I'm guessing the employees listed as IO Flex Staff will be laid off.

Do we have any more info on this? I've heard something similar in the office, but nobody actually says anything concrete - just that there's a big layoff coming to Northwestern. Would be nice to know when and who will be affected as soon as possible...

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From posts in LinkedIn, layoffs occured Thursday, May 10...

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This acquisition probably just equates to more layoffs at NM in 2018. Not sure how many people at NM are involved in FR training.

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My department had 5 flex staff people. We were told that they were there to protect OUR jobs meaning that as work was slow or the work changed, that the flex staff would go first. Not so. They are young (20-30). Four were hired as NM employees. The older staff (50-60) was made miserable until they left. Don't count 0n flex staff leaving. They are there to replace NM staff.

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The contract with the union expires on 3/31/18. Rumor has it that after the contract expires, is when the company will do more layoffs. The company does not want to continue paying the generous severance packages. (that is a fact!) A significant number of those laid off have been management. If there is no contract, non-management is at risk even more.

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The union has a meeting on 1/11. Announcements are on their agenda. There's a chance that they may have some info to share. Anyone who attends, please keep us posted.

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