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Acquisition layoffs

So, how many people do we think will be laid off as part of the Brookfield Business Partners' acquisition of Westinghouse?

I'm pretty sure that with the obligatory restructuring and reorganization, nobody is safe.

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Well apparently some people will still be working there after the merger. If you are miserable then leave. The grass is not always greener elsewhere, but it can be. If there is a sign your job will be eliminated in the near future then go, go soon. Staying until the final moments is usually when the employees who get let go are given the least elimination benefits. It is far easier to get another job while you still have a job. Negotiating a new salary when you have no job at the time does not go too well. Then it is just get whatever you can get. You may be worried for nothing. When company layoffs are planned everyone thinks it will be them next. This happens all the time now with various companies in the USA.

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right hang in there that's what they said. between the lines it means hang around until we finish our last shipment and pad VP's on up with nice fat bonuses

Horrible management style all they every did was look for someone to blame other than the horrible costs and we were not even tied to construction. They release designs before they were even ready fo use only to have to remake due to design flaws....... hmmm wonder where the money went.

Get out while you can

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Think positive. They need all of the well trained, intelligent employees that they have to keep them in business.

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