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Companies that announced big bonuses after GOP tax cut are now laying off their workers

Companies that announced big bonuses after GOP tax cut are now laying off their workers

Nice "trickle-down economics" you've got there.

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I was one of the layoffs after the big tax break in 2018 - Comcast is infamous for the "neverending re-org" – if any new executive comes in and wants his own team? Layoffs. If you're unlucky enough to be over 50 and you're not protected by one of the cliques there – Layoff. If you try to come back as a contractor (formerly the best way to maintain decent income) they have a new rule that you have to wait for three years. If you apply for almost any job to return full time, part of the conversation - if you can get an interview - is a special "interview" about why you want to return to Comcast. It's more like an interrogation. Comcast internally tells their HR people to ask themselves "if these people were laid off why are we hiring them back?" The place is brutal - they pontificate about "inclusion" but they don't include people over 50. We're a target even though the same law that protects people based on race, religion, etc. is supposed to be protecting us. I've been told that I was wrong for the job because it was an "early career position." Sometimes they re-name the jobs as "junior" program managers etc. and tell people my age that we're "too senior." How openly can they discriminate without someone doing something? If you told someone that they were "too female" or "too black" or "too g–" there would be a herd of lawyers on the front porch the next day. Comcast like most tech companies is openly dishonest and while they're whining about a "tight labor market" there are thousands of us out here who can do the jobs that they vacated by laying us off in the first place.

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