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Freshers leaving in hundreds as IT services jobs in india cant offer a long term career

Freshers leaving in hundreds as IT services jobs in indian It services companies cant offer a long term career. Why should one learn technologies that will become useless in one year.....

by laying of senios who withstood test of time, the idian IT industry shot itself in the foot.

youngsters are not taking IT career seriosly....can driver make more money and has more control over work timings and even get rewarded or doing more trips.....

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If 99% work is still on older tech why will they train everyone....

the re-skilling drama is certainly a ace saving exercise to cover the folly of firing seniors to make a quick buck. if more and more marwari and jains are at helm this loot ans scoot culture will flourish time to bar traditional indian business families from establishing companies as they have become formidable mafia cotrolling the government media and prices and jobs.

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right thing to do. why waste prime years, in support, testing and be anxious and worried about future for small pay packet that hasnt changed since 10 years. If the experience has no value and company is looking for new young bakras every years to replace older(read less younger) bakras.

Only top line is benifiting and making crores every years. The reskilling drama is to postpone layoff to support modi government reelection bid and reskilling records will be fudged to create more credible soundig basis for layoff. They will say we trained them but they could not learn ...

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