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pathetic company

So I have been an employee for quite some time and I have gone through a few mass layoffs.

Why would you want to leave the front line in retail or call centre, to move up in the company when you get chopped off at the knees every three years or so. You cant stay on the phones forever because trust me - call centres have lots of turn over for good reason. Call centre employees can only take so much abuse by customers.

So what you end up with is a whole lot of new people that don't know what the hell they are doing and all the good people - gone.

I used to believe and drink their lemonade but the lemonade is bitter now. Im taking the package and getting out . Imagine the stress of people who stay with Shaw - every few years - is today the day that I lose my job - my house. No stability ever. Way to go Shaw family - way to not be Canadian.

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It's no surprise less than month Jim shaw who died on jan 3, the corporate managers new boss is now the bondholders and hedge funds which Jim despised...

half the company laid off and moved offshored. and shaw complains about why the gov't is not supporting cable and about internet piracy or internet streaming stealing cable customers? and not paying tax. Netflix doesn't pay any Canadian taxes and has no Canadian employees yet makes millions from the Canadian consumers.

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