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Pawns in a bigger game

Goldman Sachs isn't in the position they are in from being stupid! As Bass Pro struggles to make its payments, Goldman Sachs will fore an IPO for Bass Pro. After the initial capital of 5 billion spent in the cabela's acquisition is recovered, liquidation of assets will be the next order of business. Now that the initial expenditure is recovered, breakup or bankruptcy restructuring will occur! Bass Pro and JM are just small fish with big egos, the Cabela's family was smart to cut and run. The "Amazons" are poised to change the retail landscape FOREVER! The changes will be felt globally and new business models /strategies will need to be invented. Think outside the Box Store, and the opportunities are endless!

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What makes u think that JM is not having new ideas and already implementing it ???? If you have studied his model in detail , you would see he his playing smart .

I agree , jury is out. After few years we will know who played the game better.

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