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cold blood corporations

Shaw used to runned like 'family' business. now it's a cold blood corporation like the banks ,insurance companies and car industry.

the managers, CEO, VP have no loyalty to the 'company' vision and are short term profit bonus motivated.

these days ,these managers or CEO barely work for lesss than 5 years and told quit, or fired. for 'change' this corporate culture is from baloney MBA schools and everyone wants to be the CEO. CEO makes 8 million by meeteing his profit target or sales target or making the dividend checks same. or he gets fired!

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managers and employees and CEO don't care about the company, employees, or quality of their products they make like defective products, products designed to break or cause misery to consumers just to make more profit.

it's aall about making more profit. instead of making a good product and serving the customer and creating livable jobs that people can make a living or life.

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