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Barnes & Noble Severance Pay for February 2018 Layoffs

Do we know what's going on - it's so confusing...

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Winter storm impacting mail delivery in NY area...was just on USPS website

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Sent in my papers, still no money. I think we are getting screwed again! Has any one tried calling HR?

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Has anybody gotten actual pay? I sent mine in a week ago and have not received anything.

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UPS actually arrived a few hours after I posted

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I got UPS, but I have seen others say both FedEx and USPS. Call HR, there are long holds, but don't wait.

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Just checked my mailbox and there was no severance. Was told it should arrive on the 20th. Does anyone know how they’re being delivered? Is it through normal USPS or fed ex?

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And you will be taxed as lump sum which is like receiving a bonus versus weekly pay

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When I entered this job three years ago, I would have been shocked if you told me I’d be 21 years old and getting a severance package from a company I defended and convinced shoppers to come back to because I tried to give hope that books aren’t dead. I guess that’s what I get for taking a head cashier position to build up my career with that company

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This is heartbreaking!

I left B&N over 5 years ago. I remember in 2008 or so when the recession hit they eliminated all of the floor Lead positions. Each store was broken up into 5 zones, one of them was the Kids section with the rest of the store broken up into quarters. They demoted all of the regular leads on the book floor but kept the Kid's Lead position. Zone Lead and Head Cashier were pretty much the same level in the company, one step up from everyone else (Book Seller). At that time everyone had to perform the job of two or three people and of course there was no single person to take pride and ownership in their "zone." After sales went back up when the economy got better, they realized that they saved a LOT of money by operating on a skeleton crew, so they just kept it that way.

I know of a guy who was an absolute standup guy for the company, he was first hired over 25 years ago when our local store first opened it's doors. He was a Zone Lead and was demoted about ten years ago. He has been Head Cashier for the past 6 or 7 years now. He even has a toddler. He knows that store like the back of his hand and usually knows exactly where just about any title is without having to use the computer. He has helped MILLIONS of customers! He had B&N's back all this time! And what do they do? Kick him to the curb with no notice.

I remember when the Nook first came out. What a nightmare. All of a sudden our skeleton crew became tech support for a device that seemed to have problems all the time and constantly needed updates. We would be tied up with a line of Nook problems and the phone ringing off the hook and no-one at customer service to help people who were - you know - actually shopping for books. Finally we got a "Digital Sales Lead" who we could funnel most of those technical nook problems to which helped, but now they have been eliminated too!

Oh yeah, and when we sold a Nook, the store gets the sale. EVERY OTHER DIGITAL BOOK THEY BUY AFTER THAT GOES TO - which was like a separate entity that COMPETED with the physical stores! Selling the Nook was like losing a customer for life, and inheriting all of their technical problems down the road. Also, would sell the same books we sold and more, for less money. We were told we could not honor our own website's price. People would hold a book up to me and whip out their smart-phone and ask why it was $10 cheaper on our own website. What a great business structure! We can't even beat ourselves!

And firing all the receiving managers? What in the world! Those guys bust their tails doing a really hard job - all day every day. Who is supposed to take care of all that now? I know of a different guy who has been with the company for 15+ years who now has no job. And he was fast and hard-working.

All of a sudden, I am having flashbacks of several other corporate bull$hit they did.

I also feel really bad for all of the employees still there. Now they are stuck with the less-trained more transient employees who probably only earn minimum wage or slightly better. Now the people left there have to perform the jobs of two or three people. Who is going to process all the returns with no Head Cashiers? Who is going to receive all of the books? Who is going to help all the Nook customers? I bet morale at B&N across the nation is absolutely dismal right now.

All of these decisions were of course made by a group of 1%ers sitting around a conference table in a skyscraper in New York somewhere trying to figure out whether they should get a 200' yacht to sail to their private island somewhere. And who cares if they have to ruin the lives of all the faceless people they will never meet who helped them get there. THEY should have done the firing personally. I feel so sorry for our store manager. Monday must have been the worst day he ever had - having to crush the lives of the hard-working people he has known for years.

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Same here, went in yesterday, had no idea, and got let go after 17 years, I was told the same thing about severance for years worked, but was unsure when medical benefits will end, does anyone know anything regarding that? Thanks and good luck to my fellow booksellers.

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I was told the same as "cwr" but I was also told that I get to keep my PTO. I'm wondering about the employee discount because I had books I was going to buy. That's the least of my worries of course.

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There’s is a packet going out. I think it should reach everyone by Tuesday, next Tuesday I’m assuming, that explains everything. That’s all I’ve heard.

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I also got laid off today. After 13 years of working my hardest for an embarrassing amount of pay they have the nerve to just lay me off with no trying to put me in another position in the store. So angry. Sh--ty company to work for. No human respect. Only interested in keeping their high paid executives

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26 weeks is not bad. that's about 1/2 year of pay - on the other hand, after 26 plus years here you'd expect more - right?

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this is accurate - i was laid off and all of this was told to me as well

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I was told the same, and that we would receive payment for our scheduled hours this of luck to everyone else who got blindsided this morning. At least we will get to watch the company sink from our little floating doors

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what @cwr wrote below is what I heard as well. My wife got laid off today.

Anyhow, I am not sure if they will have enough cashflow to support any future layoffs from the severance perspective - in that respect, I am blessed that she (my wife) got what she got.

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I was told that I would get one week of pay for each year I have been with the company, up to 26 weeks of pay. And that the severance should arrive in the mail by Feb 20.

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