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Any updated layoff news?

As it has been a couple of months since the occurrence of the last round of significant layoffs, I can’t help but be concerned that another one is in the works. Has anyone heard any news?

It’s really unfortunate that the unstable climate now seems like the norm.

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Healthy turnover? Who are you kidding? You’re delusional.

Everyone and anyone who knew anything or who was worth a darn left because they knew their market value. The minute IGT started treating employees as if they were disposable resources, they left – no one wants to get stuck in a tiny town like Reno with no job (since there are no other opportunities).

Economic events like the Great Recession only happen every couple of generations. It’s now over and done with – and nobody believes the BS that management is shucking anymore.

Corporate America management had better get it through their thick skulls: you blew it. You upskilled and abused every worker within the current generations (up to the millennials) – WE DON’T TRUST YOU AT ALL!

And now, we have the advantage in the labor market….

And you’re going to have to work VERY HARD to rebuild any sort of relationship with us.

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My office once merged has a crazy manager from Gtech side but the union is protecting Who is left and the others quit due to this crazy manager.

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Reduction in staff due to capex review occurs yearly. This is not a layoff but reduction as needed to ride cost and promote efficiency within the department. Hiring will occur and employees turned based on performance and salary. This approach allows for removal of stagnation, high earners, and promotes healthy turnover.

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