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Dont take the 1400 number for granted

MetLife has nowhere near 1400 jobs in Troy / Rensselaer.

The 1400 is the total number of jobs (from multiple MetLife locations) that are getting moved to Cary AND Tampa. This was announced to people within MetLife GTO (IT and Operations) back on Nov 3 2017 via email followed up by multiple very brief teleconference announcement sessions also held on Nov 3.

Note that MetLife was not ready to announce this stuff on Nov 3 but they did so because they were essentially forced to. Multiple newspapers published articles about MetLife moving jobs to Tampa so MetLife had to tell its employees about this stuff on Nov 3. MetLife did not really want to tell its employees about this until after the holidays (i.e. Jan 2018).

News articles about jobs being moved:

(Nov 3 2017)

(Nov 6 2017)

Here is a news article from Oct 27 2017 about the third building:

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Use of the word "move" or "moved" in this posting should NOT be misconstrued as meaning that the particular person who is currently holding a position is the same exact person who will still be holding that position after that position has been physically relocated.

The Nov 3 email announcement from Marty Lippert literally used the word "relocate":

"Starting next year (2018), we will begin to relocate approximately 1,400 positions in the United States to sites including our MetLife campuses in Tampa, Florida and Cary, North Carolina."

For most of the positions that get relocated, it is expected that new outside people will very likely be put into those positions (yeah some of those people, perhaps even most of them, will be local to the city or state where the position has been relocated, but probably some of them will be from out-of-state).

It is also likely that some small number of existing MetLife employees will basically get to hang on to their current position after it has been relocated. There will probably be a few who are made and accept outright offers to relocate, and then some others who apply (reapply), interview, and receive and accept an offer.

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