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"Starting next year (2018), we will begin to relocate approximately 1,400 positions in the United States to sites including our MetLife campuses in Tampa, Florida and Cary, North Carolina."

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2nd wave arrived as predicted above and a number of staff from Disability have been told their positions will now be located in North Carolina. They are not allowed to work remotely and were told they were chosen because they were deficient though that was never communicated to them in their quarterly reviews or their 1:1's with their managers. It appeared the managers were equally surprised and had very little notification or prep as well. Reports indicate the majority of the folks in the room were older and were encouraged to outreach the retirement center for information. Many in that room, after years of service and loyalty to ML find themselves in the dead zone and fear they are too young for retirement and too old to be employable. They have the option of applying for their position, relocating at their own expense and if chosen would have to take a substantial pay cut if approved. I'm afraid since Snoopy got his pink slip ML's culture has become less than ideal. Very sad it once was a great place to work. After going through Lean Management renamed MetLife Way everyone is regimented to record every call, every movement, every piece of work for how many minutes and in short it has become a factory (See someone's posting on the DAT tool). So to all the higher degreed professionals in NC if you have had regrets that you missed your opportunity to work in a factory due to chasing educational pursuits regret no more. Apply within, fulfill that dream and be the drone you always wanted to be.

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On the earnings call, the analysts re-extracted a commitment from management to expense reductions.

The delay in notification may be the calm before a bigger storm that could be wider than IT.

Good luck to you and your wife.

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It's been almost a year since my wife was first told that these jobs were moving from Troy, NY to Cary, NC. We were told we'd know in January 2018. Then she was told that was only the 1st wave. 2nd wave would be told in June 2018. She was just told last week that notifications won't be until next month (July 2018) and the 3rd wave being in December 2018/January 2019. Her resume has been updated, but we're hoping she won't need it. We want to stay with MetLife.

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Notice that

1) it does not say "we will begin to relocate approximately 1,400 PEOPLE". Only POSITIONS are being relocated.

2) It does NOT say that all or even most of the 1,400 current USA positions will be relocated to other places in the USA. It only says that 1,400 USA positions will be relocated to somewhere else "including" Tampa and Cary. If one position were moved to Cary and one to Tampa, that sentence would be true. In fact, many positions will be in Noida, India.

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