Thread regarding Manulife Financial Corp. layoffs

This has been 5 straight years of layoffs. It's 2018-02-28 and 150 people were sent packing yesterday

Hearing rumours that they are at it again. 150 people affected in Kitchener Waterloo, the day before the 2017 bonus payout date. You had to be present on the day of the payout to get it. Wonder if the people shown the door made it out with theirs or not. The gag orders are so tight, they try to make people live in fear, just like how this company manages on the inside. How does this stay out of the media?

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Heard it was admin units in Kitchener/Waterloo and Halifax and that jobs were going to the Phillippines. The options they give are not good at all. I heard that if you try and go back to them they take you to court right away. They monitor everything.

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They make you sign a consent form to keep it quiet..You can't work for two years anywhere to get your whole severance package..If you work you have to give up half..Crazy..The slavery continues even after they fire you..Unreal..Aren't there laws against this crap?

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