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Why this side of the coin is too quite?

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When the lawyers are biting at the bit to prevent a merger but it goes through anyway because the board and largest shareholders all just want to save their a$$es.

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What that poster said, 2 bankrupt companies cannot save each other. In 5 years, wait for it, implosion.

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A lot of people incorrectly ASSUMED MD would all remain in leadership, and that CBI would eliminated, Wrong. Wait till the next layer is announced.

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When is the next layer of the org chart being announced? I (and almost all my co-workers) are very interested to see if our Director or a CB&I person will be leading our department.

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McDermott purchasing CB&I will turn out to be the same disaster as when CB&I bought Shaw. Eventually it will implode. Two bankrupt companies cannot save each other.

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Most people at CBI - me too - will never brag about the ‘systems and work processes’ Executives our in place after coming over from Fluor. We will never brag about the layers and layers of unproven VPs. We will never brag about buying Shaw just to sell the pieces off for pennies. There are a lot of us that maintained a great product to the market just to be trapped by poor management decisions that continue to kill a once good name. There are a lot of us that look forward to working under DD management if we survive the layoffs. Good luck to all.

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Too quiet, because we are busy working and being productive. Not running around pretending we are the big boys and pretending our systems are the greatest. If you Cbi folks were so good, we wouldn’t be taking you over. Can’t wait to see you take the walk and trash all your bloated executive, vp, director positions along with your overbearing procedures. Good riddance.

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"TOO QUIET" because we are mostly functionally illiterate. Bajeebus Cripes!

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I can't believe they will replace them with CB$I folks.

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To quiet. MDR released over 400 employees globally over the last two week.

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