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Aetna (Meritain) laid people off and shafted them on bonuses.

Some bonuses are based on 4% of your salary, which was discussed during the job interview. Now after they laid me off, I hear I am not getting a bonus because it's only being given out to "Top Performances". I wish I never gave them a year of my life. This place was the worst company I ever worked for!

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If you were job eliminated versus performance terminated, depending on what state you’re in, your performance rating and your past history of bonuses, you may be entitled to one despite your manager not giving you one. If you don’t agree, contact HR. Just because you were denied one by your manager doesn’t make it legal or appropriate.

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anymore people let go in prepay transplant auditing? I truly hope you all do not get bonuses. you donot deserve them. what you should get are pink slips

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