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BBOX in big trouble

BBOX stock closed at $1.95 yesterday and was in the $1.80 range before it 'rallied'. They are sitting on the porcelain rim dangling their toes in the water.

I put in 30+ and got the RIF – and because I was in a union got a decent payout.

This company didn’t fail because it lacked talent in general or that the technology in the marketplace changed - it lacked talent in management. Rather than take advantage of the vast technical and operational experience, as well as the customer base it already had in hand they decided to take a series of babble-talk initiatives that ultimately led to this. Remote control project management by inexperienced people. Bad idea after bad idea implemented by say nothing, do nothing, legacy pot-stirrers who hunkered down and fiddled with email while people’s livelihoods went down the drain, And I see that they are still spinning Office Space drivel to account for it.

It was fun while it lasted but is in the p--per now.

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You hit the nail on the head my friend. Almost 29 years in myself I had to either sink or swim. I chose to swim.

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Shares are struggling to stay above the $1 mark now. If they have a master plan now would be the time to execute it.

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