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ECA Shakeup this quarter

I am a CPR in North America. A GVP in the know in HD's org gave me the heads up that the ECA's management will be consolidating this quarter and moving to pooled model (mimicking the hubs). This means the ranks of AL, LW, RL, EU will be less. They will also use this to cull out some bottom feeders.

This GVP did confirm the earlier post of the whole ECA group being blow up and moving to the hubs, but that some of the managers will be offered management positions if relocating to the hubs. Because of salary differential between hub staff and field staff, the only path for field ECAs to stay employed is to relocated to hub and take a significant pay cut.

Without field SCs, I don't know how any CPR will stay, and this ECA cut will have a trickle effect in forcing out CPRs and KADs.

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ECAs face reality, you’re toast! Not because you are not adding value, because many, though not all of you, actually are, but rather because the 3 stooges are deranged and are only focused on cost. So you are high cost and geographically distributed at a time when oracle is going full bore call center from the hub. Go find other jobs NOW!

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This is part of Making Oracle Great Again!


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They need to cut RG and HD. MH also needs to go along with SC and TK. Sadly, none of this will happen.

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Most of the SC in India hardly come to office, they are not at customers place either. Useless pool who do nothing. They need to be thrown out ASAP.

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No big loss.

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