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The package was weak

I was impacted by the lay off. Human Resources and Ariel the IT VP was cruel in the delivery of the layoff. On Wednesday those that were impact received an meeting invite without a name in the subject in the title (no agenda) and all those impacted names were on the distribution list. Our names were not obscured. The invite was sent at 1pm and the meeting was at 2. The invite asked that we be on time and don’t be late.

Once we arrived the VP gave a 30 second spill about reorganizing and that we are the first pilot group and there will be more to come. And that was it. He asked that we wait for our name to be called by a HR rep to go over our compensation package. The package was weak . And you must sign away your rights not to sue before you can receive your money. This company is in financial despair. On Friday they layed off employees in their Accounting Department.

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I was affected by the layoffs. I had worked there over 9 years and was a very experienced underwriter. Was told my job was being eliminated. Four weeks later they hired my replacement, a bartender friend of the manager. This was by far the worst company I ever worked for. Very little communication. If you are not a friend, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband or wife of a manager, forget it. Stay away from this company, you can do better.

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Does not surprise me one bit. When I was hired as a contractor there in 2013, I was told by all of the recruiters that AmTrust was hiring 200 developers. Considering just three years or so before that, they only had an IT department of 20 people, I knew then that they were growing too fast and was doomed to fail.

I took the contract job to get some experience, but was glad to get out after 3 months. The organization was weak in many areas, they did not follow any good standard practices which makes for very poor quality. If the code worked that is all that mattered (who cared about how secure the code was). The company kept buying up small insurance companies only to absorb them into one giant mess of code making it difficult to sell any off if necessary down the road. (They clearly never put any thought into the future).

I feel bad for all the people who were affected by this, but the writing was on the wall back in 2013. Just when it would happen was the only question not answered until now.

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