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Lousy management

I know working at McDonald’s is a mixed bag, but my experience is in the not so good variety. The management team at my location never heard the ‘lead by example’ phrase. Most seem more concerned with who is seeing who or other latest gossip. Crew members are literally left to their own devices instead of being given guidance on tasks that need to be completed. This is the case on all shifts.

There is one person who stands out, but he goes into the opposite extreme. Talk about micromanagement! Part of it is understandable considering 75% of the employees are in highschool or young adults with this being their first job. However for those adults who have been there for a while, looking over our shoulder just waiting to pounce for any imaginary mistake we may have made ( ah I forgot to stock the cups on front counter) is ludicrous!

In any case, as I said, it all depends on your luck what your experience here will be like. I obviously lucked out.

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I go to a lot of fast food places.

McDonalds people work the hardest.

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