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saw at least 5 internet advertised open positions, that none of the laid off employees of those advertised position were called back to

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were their any "fast track" people at your location whom jumped in front of everybody , took the positions that others had worked harder for, resulting in layoff the dedicated and in the end the "fast tracker doesn't even work for the company now? don"t want names, just confirmation that it happened for piece of mind

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same thing happened at Houston, top management took washed up ex GE people whom displayed difficulties managing their own personal home life and personal finances and put them in progressive dog and pony positions while passing up our proven tenured work contributors ,even thou we had respectable performance reviews and understood our product and customers very few senior employees were considered for advancement

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That master plan was called "Succession Planning" which involved hiring young energetic go- getters, then having the seasoned older employees train them, once the go-getters got trained and promoted super fast to key positions, it was time to dump the older trainers, ask any of the laid off seasoned employees their opinion what had happened and why, there are numerous true stories, sarah went from purchasing clerk to Western hemisphere manager in 2 years, that,s from near the bottom to the top(passed me upin job responsibilities and I had over 20 years experience at the worlds leader in fluid flow measurement)

better yet look at the whole (new)management team since "succession planning"

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I too was let go in Erie after over 30 years of experience. As far back as 2012/2013 ( when times were good) Jim Ertl proclaimed a train wreck was in the making because there were too many employees over age 51, there would be a day that many of those people would be retiring without anyone to take their place. Looking back, that was the warning that there was a desire to dump the senior employees. The strategy turned out to be “dump them all at once instead of letting them trickle out”

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I heard Erie froze the pesion plan recently. Why didn’t they freeze the pension before laying off senior employees back in 15. Makes no sense.

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sounds like the making of a class action law suit, company wide

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Sounds like you have a perfect case for age discrimination case, I am sure you are not the only one who was affected. I would pursue that one

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Is there anyone out there that can explain what they are doing. I was let go after 34 years in Erie. I never had one single bad performance appraisal or warning. Yet they continue to hire people for positions that I know I am fully qualified for and could walk right into and hit the ground running. Why did FMC target people, such as myself, with a good work history and so many years experience? Is it because we were pension plan employees? Not to mention it is extremely difficult to find a job these days when a person is 55 or older. Basically, screwed ....

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