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Resources and staffing

I’m at my 5 year mark with BB&T and since I started I’ve yet to see an improvement in resources and manpower. Majority of the time our staff is at the bare minimum. This causes associates to scramble around hoping to accomplish tasks set for the day while dealing with irate customers who have long wait times.

The training provided for new hires is not enough and yet we still expect them to perform as if they know what they’re doing, which in most cases they don’t. This can make them feel inadequate and out of their depth.

Our technology is sadly outdated which can hinder our work progress and in turn lead to a very stressful work environment. The biggest issue is, I don’t know if the company WANTS to improve on these points, because it seems as if the only thing that matters is the bottom line.

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You are correct. Inadequate and antiquated equipment/systems. Skeleton staff at best. Screaming/yelling/gossiping by AOO’s and SSL. Ridiculous. Closing branches and firing long term , high performing, associates literally for nothing. Don’t disagree with an AOO on personal preference you will get black listed.

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