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IT Jobs Moving Out of Scranton PA (Clarks Summit) Q3/Q4 2018 through Q1 2019

Over the next year or so 200+ jobs are expected to be moving from Clarks Summit facility to the Cary NC campus. Currently about 410 employees are listed as working at Clarks Summit.

The jobs are moving but not necessarily the people that are currently in those jobs. People have to reapply for the jobs that are being moved to Cary. It is expected that most of the people that are currently in the Clarks Summit jobs will probably end up deciding not to apply for the Cary jobs, and that only a limited number of those people that do apply will actually be offered a job in Cary - basically just like it was with the Magellan program (2013-2015).

Unsure what lies ahead for Clarks Summit beyond 2019. Possibly a moving out of any remaining IT jobs to Cary except for maybe Print Ops, and a leasing out of the Admin wing of the facility to some other company/companies. Or, maybe a moving out to Cary of any remaining jobs and then moving in other jobs (IT and/or Business jobs) to Clarks Summit from other more costly facilities (e.g. Bridgewater NJ, Warwick RI, Denver CO). Or, maybe close down and sell or lease out the entire Clarks Summit facility and set up a new data center building in NC or somewhere else (e.g. Midwest or Central US) or contract/lease data center services from one or more vendors.

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Any idea how many GTO associates are in Bridgewater right now?

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Bridgewater is being moved to either Cary or Tampa for all GTO associates.

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This speculation is purer than Walter White's blue meth. I love how it goes all the way from eliminating 200 people to possibly moving positions to the site from Warwick and Bridgewater. Idiocy.

Yeah, they're moving ops positions to Cary, it's been announced, people are being notified. There are not 200 people under the ops umbrella in Clarks Summit. 200 is the number of joints OP smoked before posting.

Clarks Summit IS SISC. The first S stands for Scranton, which is the large city of which Clarks Summit is a suburb, the two names are used synonymously.

Any other questions?

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Have the PEOPLE that work the 200+ jobs slated to be moved been notified yet?

I don't know much about Clarks Summit -- supposing that Met moved most of the jobs out as in one of the OP scenarios, why would they keep Print Ops?

Also, does Clarks Summit have a data farm like RISC & SICS or is it mainly people?

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Any idea what jobs might be staying in Clarks Summit besides print ops?

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