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Customers are NOT important

I find that working for DirecTV is such a challenging and often NOT very rewarding job. I feel sorry for the long time customers who have given their loyalty to us. Tech Support is supposed to be there to assist with their needs especially when we provide them with a product that is faulty. So instead of trying to help them, we end up pushing any and all deals/offers that we’re required to pitch.

Sometimes we are able to make the sale that increases their payments by an amount that most likely they couldn’t afford in the first place because if they could - they’d already have those upgrades. It’s sad how much with this company all that matters are sales and not the customer’s needs.

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From a customers POV it has become a complete sh--show since ATT took over and started integrating/wrecking the website as well as the backend systems. I to replace 2 receivers due to lightning strike several months ago. What should have been a 10 minute call to activate the replacement receivers literally turned into over 10 hours on the phone (I added up the call logs). It was a complete mess because DTV can no longer activate receivers properly, and just kept shipping me new receivers that they still couldn't activate. Finally 7 hours in I got someone that managed to get them activated after 3 hours on the phone. Then the next day I get all the over billing notifications that took another 3 hours to straighten out. I ended up with $70/month credit for the next 18 months because I got so fed up with billing I was just going to cancel even though it was actually working again. DTV used to be a great company but ATT has destroyed it and everyone I dealt with acknowledged had bad the situation is.

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Thanks for the inside scoop. Knew this had to be the case since the do nothing to retain loyal customers and give incentives only to new ones. My bill has never been higher and I am ready to cut the cord and go the Netflix/Amazon route. Will never understand it but I guess they make a great profit.

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