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It’s not what you know….

I was on a break and chumming it up with one of my managers at Fry’s. We were discussing ways that I could move up the ladder. I asked him how he was able to do it and his reply was that he knew all the ‘right’ people.

I thought he was pulling my leg but apparently he wasn’t when he continued to advise me on how I can get ahead. This basically consisted of a lot of brown-nosing. I guess the saying is true. It’s not what you know but who you know that counts, at least for this company.

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A lot of companies are like that, nothing new. I have know several woman who tried to sleep their way to the top. Both of them failed because they hit on the wrong guys. The right guys were happily married and some of them caught wind of their antics.

In electronics (manufacturing end that is) it use to be who supplied the drugs got their way to the top. That ended about 20 years ago when companies decided to routinely drug test. Don't know if upper management has to undergo testing nowadays.

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