Thread regarding Kimberly-Clark layoffs

Maybe this is a sign that KC is going back to it's root values?

These cuts were coming regardless of the tax breaks KC just received from the Trump tax plan. KC was divested in several other businesses away from it's core which have not sustained profitability. Even the core products have been not sustaining profitability in my mind because of poor market strategy. I worked with a great bunch of folks at the Fullerton plant for 33 years.

Seemed like the Kleenex brand was in constant competition to be the "softest". Soft is important, but not at the difference in cost. Tried to convey that many times but fell on deaf ears. Seemed like sales was out of touch with consumer.

The blame and pressure was always put on the workforce to do better. Not always the case. Seemed like that attitude came with the merger of Scott paper in 95'. Alot of the Scott philosophy came with the merger and it's management team.

Maybe this is a sign that KC is going back to it's root values. I also think that being a "global company", they may have expanded into markets non-sustainable. To all my KC family, keep your chins up and keep doing what you have always done. Top notch! 😎

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Very well said... "Deaf Ears and do as I say , not as I do attitude" ... Roads to failure ... KC needs term limits ... In all positions , just because you are the boss , doesn't mean you are right ... The KC Book , I read and admired , needs to resurface in principals and values ..

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