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At least everybody is hearing about this...

I guess 2018 is a slow year because for some reason these Kimberly-Clark layoffs are really gaining traction in media coverage. I'm saying for some reason because I've been checking out other boards here and the biggest complaint from people seems to be that media simply does not care about their layoffs.

In any case, I think I found my favorite so far.

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Yes they are presenting what they call a voluntary separation package today! If you take it they let you know when you can leave with the earliest date being May 2018 or end of year. For those of us taking it, we will be hostages. For those staying it will be the walking dead! So much for our KC behaviors.

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It's not a "slow year" at all in terms of layoffs. What's going on is most companies are doing stealth layoffs, where they do a slow bleed of a few here a few there every week so as not to attract media attention or file a WARN.

The games being played by corporations the past year are despicable and deceitful beyond anything in history in their desperation to hide layoffs and cuts. Kimberly Clark is one of the very rare few who did a big layoff all at once and therefore had to go public.

Just read "Latest Posts" on this site for an education on what's really going on.

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