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No promotions based on skill

I’ve been with RAC for a number of years and have yet to see promotions based on experience and leadership skills. It seems that employees who show a working knowledge of our company are passed over for those who are less qualified. My experience is that promotions are given based on favoritism which can diminish morale in the workforce.

Time and again I’ve witnessed valuable employees just quit because they’ve felt effort they’ve put in to hit sales goals went unappreciated. Everyone is trying to climb the ladder of success but it seems dependent on how ‘popular’ you are instead of how much hard work and long hours you put in. If this keeps up I’m sure that many more will follow.

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If you’ve been there a while, you’ve put too much time in to just quit. Make them fire you ‘legitimately’. They hire and promote people who scream for potential lawsuits from employees from either cutting corners or saying illegal statements. I don’t have to worry about them anymore, but I warn those who do. There’s no one with enough common sense in that company to talk to either. Just ‘fall’ back and let it happen...

Employees go to work like drones. Not paying attention to the bleak financial state of the company and the fact it will be sold. I give it a year or less.

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